Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cloward and Piven

Cloward and Piven
At his point, I’d like to inject the Cloward-Piven strategy again, that has undulated like a creepy dark shadow through the entire Obama administration and Democrat party alike. I don’t think that Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid know what this is, I mean if you asked them on the street, other than a vague fuzzy image in their head that it’s something good that has to do with redistribution, if that. Now that’s not to say that if they both had a crystal clear understanding of the strategy, that they wouldn’t fully support it and push more to accomplish it.

Obama knows… I know he knows.

The overview of the strategy is to overwhelm the system until it breaks down. Then a new system (transform America) with the stated goal to help eliminate poverty with a guaranteed annual income for all can be installed. The inevitable result would be a stifling of enterprise and creativity. Holding people back by punishing success and wealth through massive regulation and red tape. Why shouldn’t someone try to do the best that they can? Work to the best of their ability? There’s no such thing as equality of abilities. Again, I ask: why shouldn’t a person work to the best of their ability to provide as best they can for their families? Holding people back by punishing success is not the answer. More money will be harvested through more people working than by stealing more from only the very wealthy. Think about it. Taxes will be raised so millionaires and billionaires would pay more because they can afford it. We have covered that logic. But then the bar is set at 200K or 250K for two income households. These are now millionaires and billionaires. How does that track? The poor don’t pay much if any in taxes and the extremely wealthy will barely notice the difference. But now you make 200K or 250K per year, you have a family, and a mortgage based on your current income, you notice it. Do you think those shop owners, salons, or the teacher-and-the-firefighter couple won’t notice?? Tax hikes on the rich are really intended to destroy the middle class. Money is taken from mostly middle class families and given to the poor and the rich. The rich, in this case being the government, will then distribute tax dollars in the form of pork projects to wealthy donors as a reward for helping them to be elected. Get it?

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