Friday, March 25, 2011

Press Release! Stay Mad! Observations of a Proletarian

By: David Graham

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Observations of a Proletarian

            This is not a "politically correct" book. It is full of frank and common sense truths. It is well researched and documented.
Normal red-blooded American patriots are the antibodies, but we need to know what it is we're fighting off.
For instance, political correctness is actually a cancer, as it shields people from the truth claiming to make everyone feeeeel better. Political correctness is a tool of communists used to "herd" the masses into willing submission to their secret goals, also laid out in this book. It is actually designed to destroy and bring down from within, the tenets of our civil society. Political correctness is meant to strip morality from and neuter people who engage in it.
Where did it come from? Designed after the Communist Revolution in Russia, "Critical Theory" was an idea conceived at the Frankfurt school as an attack on mainstream values and culture of America. It morphed into modern day “political correctness”.
Now think about the things that are protected by political correctness.
Do companies have "Christmas" parties? No, its a Holllliday party
Are little kids allowed to keep score at their soccer games? No. We can't have little Johnny being upset.
The whole "hyphenated" American thing is a product of PC designed to group people and then pit them against each other.
Islam is a religion of peace....Right!
Any other religious reference must be removed from all public areas: Separation of church and state, which is a joke the way it's interpreted. Instead of speaking to the "establishment" of a religion...
ONE person claims to be offennnnnded at something and no one may enjoy the subject of offense - whether or not you're offended!
You get the idea.
Compare the 10 planks of the communist manifesto to legislation and regulations of today and 8 out of 10 will directly match up. The other two are simply outdated as they refer to agriculture  and emigration. (I didn't say immigration...who's leaving anyway?)
What else does this book cover?
Racism?  Which way do you mean?
Is there anyone actually named "Bilderberg"? Maybe, but they probably don’t want a global corp. AND! Are they competing with Soros - an actual person?
Well, there is hope, but not if you listen to a liberal speech. What I mean by that is that they are "focus grouped" to evoke MAXIMUM emotion from listeners. But they're vague. And they're vague on purpose.
You fill in the blank sentiment and they'll be able to do whatever you've assigned them to do. Just vote for them. I'm reminded of the bumper sticker: Don't vote, it just encourages them!
This book shoots from the hip and hits a bulls eye on political correctness, communism, socialism, (so-called) racism, taxing and election paradigms, Saul Alinsky, Marxism, Islamism, Globalism, and finishes with the shining hope of Patriotism!
Everything you need to know to keep you mad enough to vote!

If you would like more information about this book, or to schedule an interview with the author, please contact David Graham at: (603) 219-3778 or Email to

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