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Steps to totalitarianism

Steps to Totalitarianism


It starts out with things like save the whales, save the dolphins, save the frogs, save the tigers, save the chimps, save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. All are worthy (and real. Google search “save the…”) causes as are ecological and humanitarian causes.
Liberalism progresses into socialism by briefly passing through the Progressive lens. Progressivism takes liberalism into action for change based on the emotion of liberalism. The progressives are a little more rigid and preach soft collectivism. Progressive is the stage where all of the desensitizing takes place. Desensitized to what? Socialist ideas. The movement is growing in the shadows. Still connected to liberals who want to live and let live in peace, the progressives have so damaged the other side that it’s a knee-jerk reaction to vote Democrat - never realizing what is happening inside the Democrat party. So the liberals get dragged into voting for Progressives
While the Progressives have their eye further down the field.

After Progressives have desensitized people to the idea of collectivism, it begins to show a little more ankle. The language changes slightly, and by using Western style words like Democracy, and equity, and by adding the word justice as a suffix to their popular causes, the meaning and direction of the movement changes course. Suddenly things like social justice, or economic justice becomes accepted by people who are still sleeping. Now we have social justice, economic justice, water justice, food justice, housing justice, environmental justice, ecological justice, carbon justice, really, it’s endless.
So what is there about democracy that isn’t fair? Isn’t it the will of the people? Majority rule? I’ll deal with that very shortly. What is there about “justice” that anyone can argue with? In this case the only way the word justice can fit is from the point of view of someone who has made a series of bad choices in their life and now doesn’t want to take responsibility. Mostly, I’m referring to economic or social justice. All the others have jumped onto the phrase to appeal to other liberals who know-what-they’re-talking-about.
In the long run, giving people free stuff isn’t helping them at all, is it? It is simply creating dependence. This is what is done with pets, making them dependent. When this is done with people, it ensures their loyalty when the vote comes around.

So, when the vote comes around, what do candidates say to procure that vote? They will promise to continue to pay benefits for people who, at this point it can easily be said, vote for a living. Now we have the richest poor people on the planet. How did that happen? It happened because the participation in this socialism is not voluntary by all. Participation is enforced through the progressive income tax. The higher the income, the higher the percentage of tax you pay. Why? Because it’s fair. Patriotic even.
It’s easier to control a population where large numbers of the people are dependent on government. Once the population is under government control, you have full on…..

Now that the population is controlled, industry gets absorbed into government.
Maxine Waters, D California during hearings of oil companies.
Waters told the president of a major oil company to “guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal would be all about socializing -- uh, uh, would be about basically taking over and the government running all of your companies.” [i]

So that’s the oil companies. What about the rest of them? What do you think all the bailouts were for? Ya got ‘chur Auto bailouts - two of the three major manufacturers, ya got ‘chur insurance companies - AIG, ya got ‘chur Freddie mac and Fanny May - government mortgage holders. Now the population is controlled through confiscatory taxes and regulations and many of the big industries are owned by the government, what’s next? All they really have to do is wait. Pretty soon, the people riding in the cart outnumber the people pulling the cart. Achievement is discouraged, success is disparaged, and the pullers of the cart get dispirited and give up. Soon everyone is in the cart, and all that’s left to do is disseminate resources. Everyone gets equal portions of everything. This can be read in the preamble to their Communist Constitution.
So let’s review:
When you take apart the means used to promote the goals of communism, you first find liberalism which is an emotional ideology. The next degree is progressivism, which takes liberalism into action for change based on the emotion of liberalism. The next step is socialism. Socialism would work just fine on a voluntary basis. The problem is human beings are individuals! Socialism is collectivism, and lazy humans will follow the path of least resistance, which means they will try to get away with less work. It also means less of a full life. Less juice. Fewer fulfillments. And this is accomplished by using logical words like democracy, and democratic this or that. The final step (or final solution) is Communism. State run everything. State distributed everything. Everyone is totally one hundred percent dependent on the state. Totalitarianism.

[i]  http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2008/may/maxine-waters-wants-socialize-oil-companies

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