Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introduction to "Stay Mad! Observations of a Proletarian"

This is not a call for violence or revolution.
This is a litany of things that happened in my country before I was paying attention.
Ultimately, I guess it was 911 that jarred me from my slumber. I became a news junkie. It took a few years, but I began to realize that the news agencies were more like "views" agencies. (Dwight Schultz)
I slowly began to realize that history has not stopped. It is constantly evolving and writing itself. I also realized the power that some in this world have tapped into with the will to change the course of future history. As I researched, I also began to realize there are those (and have been for a long time) in this world who are so completely narcissistic that they would like to take over or somehow control the way the world exists. Those people are pretty close to their goal.

For me, Hitler was ancient history. But he’s not. There are people alive today who suffered under his tyrannical rule. People voted for that! Well, in fairness, there were very few who actually knew the endgame and wanted it. But the point is if we don’t remember our true history, this can all happen again.
Just remember, history was "right now" for those that lived it. We have our own "right now" now.
My point in writing this book is to show how far and how fast things can be turned upside down from your daily routine.

I use the title: STAY MAD! Only to get people mad enough to vote. Anger at where this country has been brought in two short years of President Obama’s Administration is what got great numbers of people to actually vote in the 2010 midterm election.
One problem with us is that when things are going smoothly, we get caught up in our daily routines. Things are going well; we lose interest and take our freedoms for granted.
This book identifies in my own way – the way I finally understood things – a lot of what contributed to the election of a Marxist to the Presidency.

Yes, I think both Bushes were clear contributors.

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