Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chapter 2 socialism

How many people would want to live in a socialist society? Well guess what? You kinda are. And they're not done. Every time Obama refers to the work his party has done, he always makes a point to say that there’s a long way to go. Or he talks about how much work remains. What is he talking about? It’s vague on purpose. You fill in the blank. In other words, whatever you think the government should be responsible for, then that’s exactly what they have left to do. If you were presented with what we now have (as the end game) as an agenda, you wouldn't go for it. They know that. That's why Obama didn't run on the socialist party ticket.
There is one.
He could have.
Obama knows that wouldn't get him elected. He also knows that (and the people around him do too) people will reject things changed by revolution or rapid change. That is why we are the frog that has been put into cold water and cooked. Seriously, who has the time to keep up with all this stuff when there's work and family and life in general? Oh sure, once in a while an issue comes up that gets you hot and you pay attention, maybe even make a call to the congress, but it soon fades. I'm glad there are people who do punditry for a living.

This is also the reason behind writing the book.
Stay Mad and VOTE!

Regarding the "frog" analogy, I've noticed a serious acceleration and increasing boldness regarding the agenda as if Obama-as-president is the "checkmate" move....I'm not dead yet!

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