Sunday, February 20, 2011

Islam does NOT mean "peace"

Islam does NOT mean peace
That's right boys and girls, Islam doesn't mean peace.
Salam means peace. Maybe us westerners cannot be bothered enough to differentiate. After all, Salam kinda sounds like Islam.
So, what does Islam translate to you ask as you lean forward in your seat? Eyes wide? Heart pumping? both knees jumping up and down at a hundred miles an hour?
Well …
Islam, means submission. Submission to Allah. Submission to Sharia law. These two items are virtually one and the same. If you fully submit to Allah, you are bound by all the rules set by Muhammad who got them from Allah. If you submit to Sharia … then you're all set with Allah.
I noticed the media will trot out Muslims, after a terrorist attack of some sort, who will go on and on about how Islam is a religion of peace. "Islam means peace." They just leave off the rest of the sentence. Islam means peace acquired through submission to Allah.
They know deep down it's a lie of omission because first: A Muslim will never speak ill of another Muslim.
Second: as long as no Muslims were killed, they don't disparage another's jihad.
Third: They are forgiven that lie due to the law of "Kithman" or the principle of "taqqiya".

Oh! What’s this?!
That's right! Any lie told knowingly is forgiven so long as said lie perpetuates and assists the spread of Islam.
Keep this in mind the next time you see a Muslim on American Media saying that Islam is a religion of peace.
Propaganda is its own form of jihad. See, jihad is not inner struggle, as one of those fibbers put out there when that word first became a household word.
There are so many forms of jihad. In fact, anything that furthers the cause of Islam or otherwise brings the world closer to caliphate, or global Islamic rule.
Deception, coercion, terrorism, influence peddling, the end justifies the means. And there is no shame because caffirs (that's us) don't need to be bargained with. We don't need to be reasoned with. You don't reason with your dog, you just train it. To the hard line Muslim, we are second-class citizens, unworthy of having traits like honor or honesty wasted upon.

Caffir means simply: non-believer.

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  1. Gee! Do I agree with you! Yesterday I saw on TV a mullah talking about how the @fidels@ gathered into his mosk where happy to be together, celebrating with joy the end of the ramadan. After all he said, Islam means @peace@! I was disgusted and said to my wife that they won't hesitate to lie in order to masquarade with their political ideology of delusion. Taqqiya until submission of the caffirs : that's what it is.
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