Friday, February 18, 2011

The Straw Man

I, for one, am not dazed or sucked in by soaring speech rhetoric. I have personal experience with the term, “We’ll see what we can do,” (said to Jorje regarding McDonald’s benefit pkg). That phrase in particular means (to any that have used it) nothing can be done but I want you to feel better and I want you to remember who made you feel better about this.

I played in a few small club bands years ago, and one of the determining factors as to whether or not your band was great and whether or not your band sucked was the ability to handle requests. I had to learn this the hard way. If a patron approached and made a request that was unknown to the band and you told him that, well, you sucked out loud all night. Moreover, that patron would tell everyone how and why your band sucked. Conversely, and I have seen this work magnificently countless times, where, if you told the patron we’ll see what we can do… The patron left with the full expectation of hearing their request. They would then continue to drink and party all the while yelling out about how much this band rocks! Then, if they make the request a second time, you tell them we’ll get there… The patron continues to party and drink and before you know it, we’ve run out of time and we’re very sorry but we’re sure to get to it next time we play this room. Everything is fine. The only difference is that the patron had no idea that we did not ever intend to perform their request.
The same goes for phrases like I’ll do everything I can or I’ll continue to fight for you. Listen for them and know.

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