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Labor Unions = Community Organizing

This post was written in Oct-Nov of 2010. While I stand by everything in it, I've learned lots about the unions since, with WI and other protests.

Community organizing is a code word for socialism. Except the people being organized must never realize that they are being socialized, at least until they are indoctrinated and dependent.
Unionizing is like a foot in the door to socialism. Actually, the door is wide open and unions are standing in the doorway browsing freely. Unions represent what would be considered the good part of socialism. Most union members are still in denial about being socialism. Think about it. Everyone is paid the same in a specific job no matter how much they produce. That is certainly not free market. Oh, and the union tells your employer how much that should be. Unions negotiate strongly and with a heavy hand leveraged with all of the employer’s workers. They go for health care, vacations, sick time, pensions, disability, whatever they can get, and as much as they can get. This is certainly not to say that if not for unions negotiating more toward the workers, that any excess money the employer would have would not be mismanaged in some fashion. But then, it’s their money and their choice. The business owns the jobs.
Unions served their purpose when they were instituted. However, at this point in our history, the point has been made. There are no longer children in sweat shops. We have the 40 hr work week. By the way, the 40 hour work week means what exactly when folks have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet? The forty hour week is federally legislated so what’s the point of the unions for that? There’s more awareness so there’s less (almost none) abuse of employees. If there is, the employee can leave and find another job. Unions have over-promised pensions and benefits beyond what this economy can now support. That’s the variable unaccounted for in union contracts. Many people live far beyond the projected pension negotiations. Some retire at 45yrs old! This is convenient for a government that uses the unions to be elected - relies on the unions to be elected. This is why Obama, for instance, favors unions ahead of the rest of the country. It is an opportunity to bail out their benefits through the rest of the taxpayers in the Country.

Public Approval of Labor Unions
According to the Aug. 13-16, 2007, poll, 60% of Americans say they approve of labor unions, while 32% disapprove.[i]

By Akito Yoshikane
Only 41-percent of Americans now view unions favorably, Pew poll says—a huge decline since recession began
Unions are losing the public-relations battle.
Positive attitudes toward unions have fallen in most demographic groups. Forty-one percent of those surveyed say they have a favorable view of labor unions, while nearly the same amount has an unfavorable view at 42 percent. (The findings reinforce a 2009 Gallup poll that said only 48 percent of Americans approve of labor unions—an all-time low since 1936.)[ii]

           In two short years, unions have dropped around twelve points in favorability.
The point of showing the drop in favorability for unions is that I think people are scared about socialism and now it’s becoming clear the degree to which unions resemble socialism. Also, as I said before, the unions have negotiated far beyond what the economy can now sustain. As I have learned throughout my life, any unbalanced negotiation will eventually unravel. There is a balance, but it’s important to understand that it’s not a static balance. Markets fluctuate, peoples moods change, regulations change the dynamic of supply and demand. Any number of things can affect the balance
          Government unions are the biggest problem as I see it. Businesses out in the market depend on profit in order to keep promises made to unions that work for them producing. Unions know this and take the negotiations right up to the edge of the profit margins leaving just enough for the company to stay in business. Government unions have no such restrictions. The sky’s the limit as far as the government’s ability to lay and collect taxes. There’s no market force determining how far to reach when negotiating. It’s an arbitrary number.
Okay, so how does this happen? How does socialism creep in through the window? Well, it’s that pesky old human nature thing. First the workers get hooked with a higher wage and good benefits, and a near impossible chance of losing their job. The numbers grow and then unions unionize (not really). In any case, the unions are now a powerful political lobby. The socialist candidate will give more and better benefits, or at the very least stay the same. While the free market candidate knows that these benefits are something that the economy cannot sustain. The conservative will get accused of trying to take away benefits and jobs, etc. Well, which candidate gets the vote from the unions? Duh. Union members have been used! They have been bribed and bought off! The union dues go to support the candidate that will keep the unsustainable status quo.
The unions bus people with a union mandate to attend rallies, dispatch thugs to town hall meetings, provide oversight for any and all things political. (Leave us not forget that the SEIU was charged with servicing the electronic voting machines in Nevada during the 2010 election) Go to almost any political event and you’ll see a union presence. Not so much with the TEA Party though. Good.

[i]  Gallup


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