Friday, March 11, 2011

Remember Daisy Kahn?

Chapter 11

Let me begin this important section of this book by saying that I understand the thing about how not all Muslims want to kill people. The vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace and worship as they see fit. This is the quote played over and over and repeated on the news.

Be an American FIRST!
Christiana Amanpor on This Week, Oct 10 2010, had a debate as to whether Americans should fear Islam. The wife of the ground zero mosque imam Daisy Kahn was accused of practicing taqqiya by Peter Gadiel, another man on the panel, who lost his son on 9/11. Daisy got indignant and asked him if he could see into her heart.
Anjem Choudary, a participant in the debate as a Muslim cleric from London (London, ha!) made an interesting distinction between practicing and non-practicing Muslims. He compared Daisy Kahn to a vegetarian who eats beef burgers. “You cannot be a practicing vegetarian and eat beef burgers.” [i]

If I could address Ms Daisy Kahn, I would say this:

“There is a reason Peter doesn't believe you and accuses you of practicing taqqiya. The reason is that you are here in America telling us you are a moderate. Fine. No one can see into your heart. You're right. But we now know of taqqiya so your credibility is damaged right out of the gate. We would really love to believe you. Honestly. You have that going for you here in America. America is THE MOST tolerant nation in the world! We are also a little bit sensitive when it comes to attacks on our homeland.
Your credibility would go farther if you were trying to moderate Islam at the heart of the problem. The dilemma is that is the place where you do not count. Your testimony is half that of a man's.
You have to change the heart of Anjem Choudary from the monitor who said you were not a practicing Muslim. You do not wear the head covering etc. “The flag of Islam will fly over the white house...” (blah, blah, blah).
If you came here after changing Islam from within at its core, then your credibility would go much farther (if you were even still alive... which is also the point). And quite possibly, you wouldn't have as much difficulty with your mosque.
See, it's easy to reform something across the ocean in a land where you have free speech, freedom of religion and all the liberty our country affords you. BUT! Since the core remains, it will continue to ripple outward and eventually influence any reform you start over here.
You are an American citizen. Excellent! Welcome! an AMERICAN first.
From an average American’s point of view, it doesn’t matter that you don’t believe in violent jihad. It matters that some within your religion do!


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