Sunday, March 6, 2011

Primary voting: the new rule is actually the OLD rule

Karl Rove supports Mike Castle in primary

The new rule is the old rule: vote your conscience in the primary
This was the moment everyone knew that Karl Rove was a Republican more than he was a conservative. A distinction without a difference you ask? N n n n nooo. Big difference. Liberals and progressives, (what the hey, we'll just call them socialists shall we?) insist on making the distinction the difference between Democrats and Republicans. THIS is more a distinction without a difference. Just take a look at John McCain. Everyone running for any election runs to the right (conservative) or at least to the middle (spineless). Very few will run on out and out socialism. Why? Well I'll let you figure it out.
I'll tell you the more I follow politics, and learn, and absorb the processes, I learn to recognize more quickly aspects and seeds of a progressive agenda. It’s everywhere and I’m not just being paranoid. I've expanded my awareness. I can see that the progressives constantly have the ball in motion. They’re moving in every direction and on multiple levels. Republicans are playing checkers while the liberals and progressives are playing multi-level chess. (And playing for keeps!) And have been since the sixties.
They are constantly running plays in the form of focus groups, the use of the (complicit) media to disseminate information supportive of the agenda, leaving out anything that would make it look bad.
Ordinarily, that would be where the media would investigate and report. Instead, they let things stand. Diversion, distraction, and outright deceit.

Not Dem V Rep… Conservatives V Rep
There are establishment Republicans and there are Conservative Republicans. This is to say there are Liberals and Conservatives. Ronald Reagan tried to set up a conservative base for the Republicans and he did. It was simply never maintained. What happens to anything that is not maintained? It deteriorates. The Republican Presidents since Reagan have all been Bushes. The Bush family is not totally Conservative. That’s all it takes. That’s all it takes for the forces against this Country’s founding to creep in, infiltrate and be patient. One small opening, by way of a little humiliation and ridicule from the press and they backed down. So now, using the Republican name and the reputation given it by Reagan, Establishment Republicans are born. Once in power, drink in too much and become corrupt, ruining the name for Republicans who want to get into government not for the power, but to serve and protect this Republic.

Vote your conscience in the primary and let the chips fall where they may. It doesn't matter who you think can "win". "This above all: to thine own self be true." Shakespeare

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